Vitamin D and You: Busting the myths and fixing the elixir.

The cliché has it, Vitamin D is the elixir for human physiological functionality. An accentuated solar energy that drives the life force. We question the conventional manner of understanding and measuring the sunshine vitamin. If the vitamin is abundant in our skin and diet, why would agrarian south Asian countries including India face the deficit?

Absorption and retention are the culprits!

 Vitamin D is an umbrella term for the subsets, Vitamin D2: Ergocalciferol and D3: Cholecalciferol. This fat-soluble vitamin, is a nutrient and a hormone, both. It aids the absorption and retention of Calcium and Phosphorus, critical for our bones and longevity, and all other vital systems. Absorption and retention are based on climatic conditions, geographical location, skin pigmentation, food, and the body’s unique bioavailability. D3 is the regulatory knob for vital biological functions. The deficit calls for medical attention. Depressions, unexplained fatigue, sweating, and muscle weakness overlap the problems causing complex illnesses that have underlying D3 deficits.

 Yet having Vitamin D randomly is futile. Science backs the fact that D3 is a cut above D2. The rising consumption is trending on Google and was strikingly high during the pandemic. D3 checks all the boxes of advantages, hence almost all countries fortify their food with D3. Whereas India has been typically using its vegetarian choice of D2 which does the bare minimum to maintain blood levels. Yet D3 has limited consumption due to ethnic choices. The animal-based D3 sounds intimidating and hence becomes a forced choice, making the deficit a severe medical condition.  

 Good News is, we are pioneering the plant-based/vegan, sustainable, and eco-friendly ingredients for use by the industry for wide-ranging applications, including Food fortification and Health supplements! Our supplement is authentically extracted from plant sources known as Lichens with 30 months of shelf life, as compared to the other D3 sources from lanolin, waxy sheep wool; animal origin which has a lower shelf life. We are unequivocally vegan and share our bit in making the world a better place to live.

 Remember, Vitamin D3 can be a life force if taken wisely! A vegan/plant source of this ingredient is now supplied by Avlaan Pharmaceutical Private Limited.

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